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02 March Thursday

Scandinavian Double Feature: The Taxi Club and Guilt

BowTie Movieland, 1331 N. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23230 United States
Guilt poster


The Taxi Club: Allonias decides that enough is enough. He works 12-13 hours driving his taxi every day and still has no money left to pay for rent and clothes for their three children.He begins a battle against Sweden’s largest taxi company owned by billionaire Rolf Karlsson. It leads to Rolf Karlsson selling the entire empire for around 2-3 billion SEK. But for Allonias it has a high price.
Documentary Feature - Sweden, 59:00

Also featuring the narrative thriller, "Guilt."  Tomas infiltrates a human trafficking ring while searching for his kidnapped sister. In order to find his sister, he has to compromise his own morals and values, and while doing so loses his mental balance and falls into obsessed hallucinations. At the end Tomas can't tell the difference between reality and delusion.
Narrative Feature - Finland, 1:32:00

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"Guilt" directed by Márton Jelinkó 

Guilt is the second feature of Raindance’s Best International Debut Feature winner (with the film Indebted) Marton Jelinko, from 2012. It is a story of a man infiltrating a human trafficking ring, in obsessive search for his sister, who has fallen victim of trafficking. It is a film about obsession and mental breakdown when one’s morality fails enough. A film more of a cinematic experience, telling it’s story through the audiovisual interpretation of emotions than a narrative story. It was made on a micro budget, but you wouldn’t believe it by looking at the visual style of it.

"The Taxi Club" directed by Johan Palmgren

The Taxi Club
(Director, Producer, DOP. 58 minutes.)

2015 The Sextemple
(Director, Producer, DOP. 80 minutes.)

Tales of Slussen – the hidden city
(Director, Producer, DOP. 58 minutes.)

The Road to madness
(Director together with Åsa Blanck and DOP. 58 minutes.)

Life begins at a hundered
(Co-DOP. 58 minutes.)

Kvartersdoktorn försöker bli pensionär
(DOP. 58 minutes.)

2014 Ferdinand – The True Story
(Director together with Åsa Blanck and DOP. 29 minuter.)

2013 Grandpa & me and a helicopter to heaven
(Co-director with Åsa Blanck and DOP. 14 minutes.)

The Flogsta Roar
(Director, producer. 18 minutes.)

The tears of king Porno
(Co-DOP. Director Fredrik von Krusenstierna. 85 minutes.)

2012 Tales of Slussen
(Director, producer, DOP. 58 minutes.)

2011 The great liberty
(Co-DOP. Director Åsa Blanck. 85 minutes.)
The Doctors, a tv-series
(Co-director with Åsa Blanck, DOP. 7 x 28 minutes.)

2010 Endless love
(Co-director with Åsa Blanck, DOP. 14 minutes.)

2009 Under a layer of snow
(Director, producer, Co-DOP. 58 minutes.)

2008 The Deceiver
(Co-director with Åsa Blanck, DOP. 85 minutes.)
Anders & Harri
(Co-director with Åsa Blanck, DOP. 14 minutes.)



March 2
7:15 pm - 8:15 pm
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Venue Name: BowTie Movieland
Address: 1331 N. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23230 United States

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Running Time: 60