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02 March Thursday

Short Film Block Byrd Theatre 3: Grace Note, The Killer Buzz, Black Mountain, The Beach Boy, A Way of Life, The Ruxpins, Cradle, This Modern Man is Beat, War Torn, Marital Arts, The Seven Men of Hanukkah

Byrd Theatre, 2908 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221 United States
WAR TORN - Poster


A collection of shorts: Grace Note, The Killer Buzz, Black Mountain, The Beach Boy, A Way of Life, The Ruxpins, Cradle, This Modern Man is Beat, War Torn, Marital Arts, The Seven Men of Hanukkah

Grace Note (dir. Tracy Mulholland)
A young woman struggling with illness searches for the meaning of recurring dreams about a musician from her childhood.
Narrative Short - United States, 9:59

Black Mountain (dir. Nicholas Mockridge & Lilja Rupprecht)
Inspired by Richard Wagner's PARSIFAL, this triptych condenses the famous opera into 10 minutes. The sprawling 19th century epic on the power of belief, love, salvation and despair is thus brought to the digital age. Classicism becomes modern Techno and features one of the most eclectic casts in film and music history. Shot in Berlin's most notorious location. Commissioned by AUDI in conjunction with the Bayreuth Opera Festival 2016. Created by Like a Wild Beast's Fur and Jan Engel with a soundtrack by Moritz von Oswald.
Narrative Short - Germany, 10:30

A Way of Life (dir. Christopher Romano)
Carl Reed is a27 year old recently released ex-convict from the Philadelphia suburb, Levittown Pennsylvania. After being turned down from yet another would-be employer, Carl is put to the test as his grandmother Betsy gives him a week to find work before she kicks him out of the house. His emotions are thrown in every direction until he falls back on the life he knows best, being a criminal.What seemed to be an easy couple of bucks however turns into the lesson of a lifetime for Carl as the situation explodes into much more than he originally had hoped and asked for.
Narrative Short - United States, 24:24

Cradle (dir. David Holechek)
A young man walks in to a dingy and seemingly abandoned building with nothing but a chair, a notebook and a backpack of supplies. He looks like he's been walking forever. After looking over the bleak surroundings, he sets up his chair in the middle of the room and begins to prepare himself.

After downing a large amount of food and water, he reaches into his pocket and retrieves a notebook. The notebook is filled from cover to cover with hand-drawn symbols, equations and notes.

Near the end of the book are several pages containing patches, each with a hand-drawn value next to them. The young man takes a patch with the value of '1' written next to it and applies it to his neck. He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and then...
Narrative Short - United States, 11:20

Marital Arts (dir. Anthony Marinelli)
A short film dedicated to the art of marriage and cinema.
Narrative Short - United States, 13:00

The Seven Men of Hanukkah (dir. Daryl Lathon)
Not Every Audition is About Getting the Role . ..
Narrative Short - United States, 16:00

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The Killer Buzz (dir. Barry Jackson)
The flies compete for the love of a ladybug until things reach cataclysmic proportions.
Animated Short - United States, 7:35

The Beach Boy (dir. Hannes Rall)
A story of two star-crossed lovers in ancient Vietnam. Based on a traditional folk tale and adapted for animation in a style inspired by local Asian art styles.
Animated Short - Germany/Singapore, 7:48

The Ruxpins (dir. Mike Chilson)
Thoughts about relationships, maturity, and what it means to become a better person, through the eyes ... er, mouths of toys.
Narrative Short - United States, 22:00

This Modern Man is Beat (dir. David Schroeder)
In the post 911 world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan tries to pawn his last possession and reconcile with his American wife.
Narrative Short - United States, 17:12

War Torn (dir. Carl Hansen)
Families cope when loved ones are called to war.
Narrative Short - United States, 7:52


March 2
8:45 pm
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Venue Name: Byrd Theatre
Address: 2908 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221 United States

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Running Time: 120