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03 March Friday

Short Film Block Byrd Theatre 4: Christmas of Nothing, Evil’s Evil Cousin, Frances Tiafoe, Schizophrenia, Mustard Seeds, Jon & The Wolf, Condemned and Death$ in a $mall Town

Byrd Theatre, 2908 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221 United States
WFW Tiafoe Still1


A collection of shorts: Christmas of Nothing, Evil's Evil Cousin, Frances Tiafoe, Schizophrenia, Mustard Seeds, Jon & The Wolf, Condemned and Death$ in a $mall Town

Christmas of Nothing
(dir. Joseph Verrico)
Carlo's children are spoiled, bratty, and entitled. They've known only times of goodness and plenty. Carlo wants them to feel what it's like to have nothing. His gift for Christmas this year is nothing.
Narrative Short - United States, 16:00

Evil's Evil Cousin (dir. Richard Hunter)
During Pastor Bob's service one of the congregation takes a turn for the worse, inadvertently birthing himself out of himself; resulting in the arrival of his evil twin - 'Evil Terry'. Pastor Bob takes this as a sign from God, a test, a renewal of his lacking belief - perhaps - perhaps not. Food fights, trouser removal and shotgun exorcisms ensure and like all good things, the story ends in a sing song.
Narrative Short - United Kingdom, 30:00

Frances Tiafoe (dir. Allison Polly)
The son of an African immigrant, Frances Tiafoe grew up sleeping at a tennis academy and now, overcoming all odds, competes at a pro level as a rising star.
Documentary Short - United States, 9:57

Mustard Seeds (dir. Joshua Harrell) -->
Organic forms, shifting and undulating in planar and spatial environments, transform through an alchemical process to become unbounded by space and time.
Animated Short - United States, 5:35

Death$ in a $mall Town (dir. Mark Jones) -->
A mayor has a unique way to revive the fortunes of his small town that had been losing citizens, businesses and tourist prior to his taking office.
Narrative Short - United States, 6:52

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<--Schizophrenia (dir. Yuri Muraoka)
Self-portrait conducted in my 7th year of treatment for schizophrenia.
Experimental Short - Japan, 10:00

<--Jon & The Wolf
(dir. Ryan Maples)
A short film about a 15-year-old outcast who becomes obsessed with Michelle, his beautiful 22-year-old guitar teacher and, influenced by the legendary metal icon Luke Wolf, gets a little crazy as he tries to win her love. The power a broken heart has over creating great music and the power music has to mend a broken heart is at the core of the movie. It is a coming of age tale with layers of reality and fantasy that come together to tell a powerful yet comedic story. Jon & The Wolf is for anyone that’s had a crush, a dream and got through adolescence with the help of some great music.
Narrative Short - United States, 18:00

Condemned (dir. Steven Biver)
Life is but a dream. Some believe the victims await their killer in afterlife.
Narrative Short - United States, 13:54


March 3
11:45 am - 1:35 pm
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Venue Name: Byrd Theatre
Address: 2908 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221 United States

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Running Time: 110