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03 March Friday


BowTie Criterion, 1331 N. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23230 United States


This is the true story of one Chinese family. A family torn apart when its Mother and Father were forced to go to work in the city to make ends meet and leave their children behind. Two years later, following the death of their mother, they have been left to fend for themselves in a cruel world in which they are viewed as social outcasts by their friends and extended family.

Now, the eldest brother, Xia Tian, has turned to a life of deception and petty crime in order to maintain his family’s existence in his Father’s absence. He and his best friend, a simply country boy, scheme night and day searching for the next score – even if it means selling dog meat instead of beef.

When Xia Tian’s brother is forcibly kicked out of school until his tuition is paid, Xia Tian and his hard-working sister are compelled into a tenuous predicament in which they must sacrifice not only their ideals, but also their bodies.

What follows is the struggle of three people against the powerful forces of a growing China. A place of newfound economic expansion that unflinchingly tramples over and forgets the detritus it leaves in its expanding wake.

This is the simple story of one unfortunate family against the tide of mass progress. This is the story of life. This is the story of rural China

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Artist Bio

Producer, Kai Xu and Tian Xie

Director, Tian Xie

Writer, Tian Xie

DP, Aric Coppola

The most important thing in the world to me is to tell the story of the uncommon.  What is uncommon?  Uncommon is that tale that tells of those people missed by society at large.  I want to tell their story because it resonates with me.  It resonates with me because I am one of them.  I am also uncommon.  I am Chinese.  I am a storyteller.  

I want to tell true stories.  To tell stories with an idea.  To tell tales that help people construct. 

Film for me is the act of construction.  By this I mean the ability to think an idea.  An idea is an important thing to me, possibly the most important.  For me, the most important idea is that of love. 

What I love about life, is just that — life.  I love life.  I love the act of living and by extension love the act of constructing a world that exists within the realm of life.  This is the reason I love storytelling.  It is the reason I have come to love film.  More importantly, it has given me the ability to truly love.  

So I have an idea.  An idea that might not be important to many, but is possibly important to the masses.  The idea is simple, just like me, a simple filmmaker from provincial China.  The idea is that we start to love and empathize with each other.  To see into one another’s eyes and simply smile and say hello, in whatever language it is that you happen to speak. 

As a Chinese filmmaker studying in the United States I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet many people.  These people come from everywhere on the planet.  They speak their own languages and practice their own customs.  But when I look into their eyes and say hello, they say hello back.  From them I grow, I work, I craft myself and my art.  I strive for life.  I strive to tell the story of the people I meet.  I strive to tell the story. 

This brings me to my point: I am a storyteller.  I am a filmmaker.  I live to capture the moments that make an impression upon me.  I live to find the meaning in the moments that happen around me.  And from that meaning I craft my stories and make them into the films that I am please to show the world. 

Thank you and God bless. 

Xie Tian 



March 3
10:00 am - 11:14 am
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Venue Name: BowTie Criterion
Address: 1331 N. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23230 United States

Event Info

Director: Tian Xie
Writer(s): Tian Xie
Cast: Wang Yao Xiayu—Lin, yuXieshu—Chen Xiaorong, Dawei—Wang Hui , Liu—Lu Dongyuan
Running Time: 74