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01 March Wednesday

Wednesday Night Music at Camel: Caitlin Lane, Youth Yamada, Drew Gibson and Skinny-e

The Camel, 1621 West Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220 United States
Youth Yamada - first


Artists performing will be: Caitlin Lane, Youth Yamada, Drew Gibson, and Skinny-e

Youth Yamada – He originally united his band ”The World Chocolate” in Tokyo Japan, with the members of The Beatles club in Meiji university. They Released three original albums and contributed a song to mona records compilation album in 2007. They played at many live shows and events around Tokyo and Osaka area. includes The Beatles Museum Charity live showLondon times vol.49 and “Lesson 25” etc in 2009. also attended March of the Mods as a support act in 2008. He went back playing in new york city from 2009, as well as a member of The Beatles tribute band “The meetles” . He is able to play all the instruments and vocals part of all of The Beatles 214 songs (except for brass and strings).  Attended make music new york festival and released solo EPs in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2015, He played at Northside festival(NYC), ”Tazigen Festival vol.3” in Berlin, Germany in August. In 2017, new EP released and Album coming up shortly. “Youth Yamada seemed to be born in this era accidentally. He is a rock’n roller who addicted to classic rock music. He keeps striving to discover the new possibilities through the Beatles or the Beach boys. That’s one of the most challenging thing to do for musicians nowadays.” Paless Otsuki  

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Caitlin Lane – Caitlin Lane is a Houston, Texas born and Richmond, Virginia bred country singer and occasional model distantly related to Elvis. She got her start singing in Irish pubs at the age of thirteen. Her music is defined by powerhouse vocals and a twangy guitar. Her live shows are known for their energy, crowd participation, and eclectic set list (you’ll hear everything from Kendrick Lamar to Johnny Cash). In addition to music, Caitlin’s pastimes include crashing cars, searching for successful pickup lines, and making questionable decisions (which often become the subject of her music). She is accompanied by the talented Jordan Tarrant, who kindly looks past her sarcasm and behavior. Follow her exploits by checking out, Caitlin Lane Music on FaceBook, and @CaityBellBlue on Instagram and Twitter.

Drew Gibson’s music is reminiscent of American Primitivism riding on influence from the American days of country-blues and the singer-songwriters of the recent past.  Since releasing his debut album “Letterbox” in 2007, the self-taught finger-style guitarist has garnered attention from USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Area Music Association, and esteemed Americana magazine, No Depression, for his intensely personal songs and his stagecraft as a live performing story-teller.   

Gibson recently released his third effort entitled “1532.”  The latest offering was born from the healing journey on which he embarked after the loss of his father on the Fourth of July 2012.  ”Fifteen Thirty-Two” traces stories of Gibson’s family from its roots in Scotland to the branches across Canada and the United States.  In 2016, Drew began recording his fourth album which will be released in late 2017  “Infectiously melodic songs and virtuosic guitar playing.  A fascinating listen.” -The Greenville Journal  “An album that should be considered among the finest of 2015.” -No Depression  “It’s the type of album that’s clearly in a different league… one that would make most artists spend the rest of their career in the dark due to the large shadow it casts.” -RVA Magazine “Well worth checking out.” -USA Today

Skinny-e –  Everyone has something they love. Think of yours. Something that makes your blood boil, your heart race, your world turn. It’s what gets you up in the morning, and what keeps you going. What defines the center of your being?For me, it’s music. I sing. I’ve always sung, and I always sing, wherever I go, whatever I’m doing. It’s the constant, unchanging part of my life. There’s so many aspects to making music, and so many different motivations. Making records, performing, touring, notoriety and fame, money, etc. People ask me all the time what I want to do with my music, and why? My simple response. I want to sing, because I love to sing. Another question I am often asked is “Where do you see yourself in 5 years in your music career?”. Again, my answer is simple. I see myself singing. As long as I can sing, I am happy. Whatever form that takes, whatever opportunities come or don’t come, I will be singing. A bird flies, and a dog barks, but neither could tell you why they do. They just do. It’s so natural to them, that it needs no explanation. It’s a part of them, like music is a part of me. It’s the way I communicate to the world my hopes, my fears, my love, and my emotion. Sometimes I have let pressure get to me, and I make my pursuit fame, or notoriety, or success because of music. When that happens, music becomes nothing more than a tool to reach a different goal, instead of a pursuit itself. When I stop and think about what I love most, and what I want most, I have clarity and peace knowing this:Music is my goal and my pursuit. To sing, create, speak, and make is the road and the destination. I feel so alive in song, that I am afraid I would die, should I stop singing. So I will sing until I die. Music has taken me many places. First it took me to record stores to collect albums, and study the world of music. It took me to choirs and productions to be trained on stage and in voice. It took me to every little club and bar in VA to learn hard work and experience. and most recently it took me to The Voice to work with Pharrell Williams, who taught me how to speak with my music, and always be myself when I perform. I’m anxious to see where it takes me next.


March 1
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Venue Name: The Camel
Address: 1621 West Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220 United States

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Running Time: 180